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 Roof Replacements


We specialize in architectural shingles, flat roofing, and metal roof installations.  We offer a variety of products to fit your needs, all of which come with varying warranties and guarantees.  We are trained and qualified to provide top quality roofs while keeping a safe, clean and productive job site.  We are not specialty roofing contractors, we are general contractors, therefore if  structural repairs are necessary, you don’t have make any extra calls.  We’ve got all your bases covered.Roof Replacements




 Roof Repair


Every roof leak is different. Sometimes all your roof needs is a little sealant or a minor patch repair, and sometimes it needs a structure installed, a chase,  to properly divert water.  Keep an eye on skylights, valleys and other action areas for signs of failure.  Lifting shingles, debris build up and standing water can all be signs of potential issues to come.  Here in Washington we see our share of wind and rain, and along with that is wind driven rain which is testing on our roofs.  If you find shingles in your yard after a windstorm give us a call immediately!    

Roof Repairs


        General Repairs

We are General Contractors and as such are licensed, bonded and insured to provide more than just quality roofing services.  We are diversely skilled in construction and enjoy projects ranging from decking, fencing, windows doors and framing, chase rebuilds, siding, gutter installations and so much more.  Give us a call to discuss any projects you may have on your list and we will give you a solution. 



     Roof Cleaning


Here in Washington there is a constant battle with moss and debris build up on our roofs.  We offer several methods of roof cleaning all with their own strengths.

When washing with water the result is immediate, and yes it is safe too. We use a trailer mounted pressure washer system with a separate tank to support the 10gpm system, and we are trained in the proper way to pressure wash a roof which results in less granual loss and no shingle lifting.  

When using an agitation method such as wire brushes, we are able to remove over %80 percent of the existing moss and debris

Chemical Based treatments are available too.  This method can take several weeks as the rain carries the treatment down the roof.

All of the above services include a complete ground clean up, removal of debris and the cleaning of exposed or open gutters.




Many older homes in our area have very poorly vented attics. The result of poor ventilation is excessive moisture in the attic, causing rusty roofing nails, and black or white mold.

We offer inspections similar to a home inspection but strictly focused on your roof,  its’ structure and ventilation system.  We inspect each roof for water damage, storm damage, exposed nails, and failing vents, boots, & flashing. We also inspect each attic for mold & rust, and make sure it meets the building code requirements for ventilation.



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