Refer your friends so we can give you


Prepaid Visa Cards.

  • A $200 Prepaid Visa card will only be issued if we install a new roof for your referral.
  • There is no limit to how many referrals you can register before the deadline.
  • There is no limit to how many $200 Prepaid Visa cards you can receive.
  • You cannot register referrals after 9/31/2018.
  • You will receive a $200 Prepaid Visa cards for registered referrals who receive their new roof after 9/31/2018.
  • Only one $200 Prepaid Visa card will be issued per roof.
  • You can register multiple referrals at once. Please separate names with commas.
  • Prepaid Visa cards will be sent via USPS to your registered address at the completion of each roof you referred.